The Inmates and the Asylum

Here’s a few little snippets from long ago.  Of course it sort of gives the game away as to who I really am (big whoop as my realname is both on Junipersec and on my misguided donations to Jimrob so he obviously knew all the time – (the man may be many things: crafty,  cunning, immoral, rapacious) but his IQ is obviously a bit more evolved than that of a rutabaga.

Anyway, after the snips I have a few questions, seeing that strange things indeed are afoot at Robinsontown.  Anyway: let’s go way back.

Weird and wonderful:

Just because you don’t like us here doesn’t mean you’ll
be run off, as long as you make a sincere effort to debate
and conversate.
— LincolnLover (Conversator)

You need to meet my wife and daughters. They are
strong women I have trained to be that way.
— B4Ranch (Womantrainer)

Supporting amendments to the Constitution is tantamount
to not supporting it.
— Bob J (Businessperson/Pizzast)

On the Jews :

…What was condemnable in the Jews was not that they
asserted the divinity of their law, for that they did
with substantial sincerity and truth. Their crime is to
have denied the equal prerogative of other nations’ laws
and deities, for this they did, not from critical insight
or intellectual scruples, but out of pure bigotry, conceit,
and stupidity. They did not want other nations to have a
— SwimmingUpstream (Philosopher)

Since the 1930s, a preponderance of American traitors
have been jews.
–Cynicom (Preponderast)

The US has gone to the wall for Israel again and again –
only to be repaid with US technology confronting us in
the hardware of the PRC. The US has been extremely
tolerant of Israel’s excesses, understanding the extreme
circumstances in which Israel finds itself.

Attitudes like yours strain that forbearance to its breaking
–Wideawake (Eyes wide shut)

The only act I respect Bubba for was his double crossing
of Bibi on this matter.
–Wheezer (Grab hold, suck air)

Israel’s been bleeding my paycheck for years – why not
my family?
— Wideawake (Still bleeding)

I think you are pretty well self-describing your fellow Jews
who are all for ethnic cleansing in Palestine-a nation of
people who are for the most part unarmed and defenseless
against a modern occupying military power such as Israel.

After they finish off the Palestinians they will likely
get to Harlem next, and when they get brave enough to take
the hoods off there will likely be a dinky little skull cap
–StopTheDonkey (Disturbed)

Pollard never told who else was there working with him.
He is lucky USA is not like Israel otherwise he would be
tortured for the information.
–luvzhottea (Traditional Conservatism)

No, he wasn’t, but in case he was, it’s time to free Pollard

1. Peel him.
2. Quarter him.
3. Leave him in the sun to become part of the trail mix.
–Harrowup (Admiral/Straitjacket Testperson)

Every time a column is published calling for Pollard’s
release, we should comply and release a sizeable chunk
of his body.
— Dog Gone (Got Kibbles?)

I wish I could shoot Pollard. I don’t know exactly how I
would do it. Sometimes a head shot is best. If you do it
right, the dead body goes into a dramatic rapid quiver,
kind of shaking all over the place. Maybe in the lungs.
With a lung shot, you get this frothy blood filled with
air coming out of the wound. A spine shot from a distant
is very satisfying. The target loses all movement in its
lower body and just drags along for awhile. A gut shot is
not very satisfying. The sound of the bullet entry is muted
and not near as dramatic as the sound of the bullet crashing
through bone. Gut shots can be very smelly and the victim
just kind of bleeds to death. They can be messy too depending
on the last meal. After giving it some thought, maybe a knife
would be better. The sound of Pollard wheezing for breath as
the blood flows out of his throat artery would be compelling.
— Lock & Load (Disturbed II)

Comment: Lock & Load kept going for a year or so after

this post, getting worse, before finally disappearing off

the board.  All the others are current.

Diplomatic Relations

On behalf of the Free Republic Network and the 55 chapters
it represents, I sent an email to PW asking if they wanted
to partner with us (and other groups) this September 11th
on our National March Against Terror. I didn’t get a response.
— Bob J (Frank Burns mode)

BTW Falcon, I am not trying to be negative about this, only
realistic. As I said, it has been discussed by the FRN Board,
Exec Team and the chapter leaders. Although I agreed with

the conclusions, I’m just the messneger here.
— Bob J (Exec Team After Eight Mode)
BTW – I’m a registered member of PW.
— Bob J (Preening)
I will start by having a few high-level talks with belly girl,
and we’ll see where that takes us.
— krb (Drooling)
You get a life. This is a stupid idea, and you should be happy
that people are giving you the kindness of being playful with
— krb (No date with Bellygirl)
I didn’t see anything about this event at the PW site.
— Bob J (Confused)
— GeorgeW23225 (to Bob J)
Now, question time.
What, exactly, happened to Knarf?  There is a ban page.  Did he piss off the Jesuseers, didn’t genuflect correctly, or is he just on timeout?
I keep watching the wonders of the donation stats.  And I have established that the lists contain dead people – I haven’t counted how many yet.
Which leads me to my final, and perhaps most serious question.  many freepers get themselves extremely emotionally entangled in the Jimrob affairs.  So, regarding dead Freepers off or on the lists – is Jimrob actually morally culpable for any of them?
End comment: on my cursory lookthrough of all the monthly donation lists, I note with some surprise that Freerepublic’s enforcer/goon squad like LucyT, Brown Deer and others seem to be absent.  Very strange stuff indeed.  Perhaps I’m just overlooking things ;).

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