Public Relations

Or, Let the Small Children….

This is actual history.  The person in the pic is Freeper BobJ – ne’s off Freerepublic now but he was, as Joe Biden would have put it, “a  big fucking deal”.  For many, many years.  He was one of Jimrob’s main contributors. He was also poisonously anti-zionist.

So on this occasion (it was 4th of July, if I remember) he and his girlfriend were representing FR. And he was dressed up as Pinocchio.

Now, look at his nose, there among all those kids.

He used a vibrator.  You know, i didn’t even know the things came with a nose clamp.  The things I’ve learned from Freepers boggle the mind

Picture isn’t that terribly big – it’s just archive debris and back then space was a bit more pricey.  Anyway, enjoy. Or something.




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