Mooning the Pink Swastika

Since Mozilla has requested feedback on their product, I felt that their nazist actions over the last few days sort of demands a reaction.  Dennis Prager, at whose online institution I’m currently enrolled, suggests that Firefox should be dropped from use.  I heartily agree, and so this post is made with Pale Moon – a browser with no known fascist strings or leanings.  It is also mindful of privacy in a way that Chrome, IE or Firefox cannot even begin to approach.

It remains to be seen what reaction there will be from the homonazist movement to the insanity over the last few days.  I made a sort of snarky crack about “homozilla” on twitter the other day, and lo and behold – homozilla is an actual domain used for “gay” porn.  When Pale Moon gets to be a refuge for normal people, I fully expect nasty action – perhaps violence – from the Pink Swastikans .  Time will tell.



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