April Fools

Over the last few days we’ve seen an amazing parade of April Fools.  Many of them are on that premier “conservative” forum, Freerepublic continuing to underwrite Robinsontown’s  better living through parasitism.

We brought you one view the other day; here’s another:


But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  SOMEONE at that place found it necessary to falsify Fox headlines to claim a dramatic discovery regarding St. Michael, when it was really all about the Archangel Michael.  The religious history-falsifications attempted by Freepers are getting more and more blatant, more and more desperate, and more and more ludicrous as Jimrob and his Jesuseers are reverting to their old Christian Identity roots. It’s sad and comical, and it’s a great help to Barack Obama.  Read the forum, and you’ll hear the voices of Samuel Francis and Hutton Gibson in equal measure – and then you have the Hillary people.

We *know* that some of the birther activists are not really about revealing the very real problems with Obama, but soldiers in the Clinton faction of the Democratic Party.  That group comprises for example Phil Berg, a lawyer devoted to revealing Obama’s constitutional ineligibility and Dr. Ron Polland, Freeper handle “Polarik”.  Polarik commands a large and malign group of Freepers with one “Brown Deer” at the top of the heap.  Bottom line is a large contingent of forum members working for one warring faction of the Democratic Party or another.


Not after this week’s episode of “FREEREPUBLIC” :).



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