Mad Russians

Seeing that Imam Robinson over at is steaming over the fact that some Nazi leader in the Ukraine bought the farm in a shootout with Putin’s People, we’ll just have a little look at what the Russians actually have to contend with.  We’re going to put up a video here that is far bloodier than what we usually show folks.

This is a video that was harshly removed from the net by western security forces back when it was fresh, mainly because its provenance was in doubt.  Now, however, all that is clear and the victims have been identified as far as I know.  There was one other reason for its removal: western security actually wants little hue and cry over nazists who operate like socialists or muslims.

A pox on all their houses, tents, caves and wormholes. Bloodpox.

Oh, and I have mentioned before that somewhere in the FR bloodfog there are actual very bad buggers, like the “constitutional scholar” who shot a policeman in the back and killed him.  That was a shootout over a demand to see a driver’s license, and that “scholar” didn’t survive either.

Now, video, uncensored.  If you’re smart you’ll not let your kids at this thing, it’s very bad and full of the most tasteless music.


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