Oh. Carol!

A few years back, when the web was even wilder and woolier than now, there was a magically venomous antisemite woman named Carol, popularly known as Carol On The Web.  Her name was supposed to be Carol Ward; she had a couple websites – and this was before proxy domains – but her real identity was cloaked nevertheless. No one kept much tabs on what you told ICANN.

However, there were some pointers for the osint society to go by.  She was supposed to have a son named Tristan, not that that meant much, but she had a pretty unique style just like Skunkworks.  And she attracted Jimrob’s closest minions like cowpies attract flies.

In fact, Freerepublic had to rid itself of one of its moderators because of the mod’s affinity for Carol.  Not only was that mod on half the antisemite sites in the US, but also had private domains with links to CarolOnTheWeb.  Jimrob was not pleased.  In fact, he seethed every time he had to move against some antisemite gnome.

So far, so good.  I’ve told you kids it’s history time :).

Now.  I have archives with Carol’s site neatly tucked away, and I decided to do a little text analysis on the stuff.  And what do you know: the CarolMeter almost bent the needle at the first glance.

Carol on the Web Frontpage

Carol on the Web Frontpage

On this page there’s a phrase about heck.  It was kind of Carol’s trademark.  And if you go and examine the Freerepublic threads heavy on Mormon-hatred, you’ll find that phrase, even occupying a central position in the Freepers’ profile.


Archives.  A boy’s best friend ;).

Moving on.  To the next Freepathon time. Mansions or servers, that’s the question.



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