Cold Sweat over Cold Fusion

Oh bother.

The woohoo over at Freerepublic went and did it again, purged another forum member since 1998, for not being sufficiently servile towards the Sheik of Freep.  Freeper Kevmo is gone, and so the Freepers won’t have to deal with aspects of science that makes them uncomfortable or criticism of of FR’s increasingly nazist fervor.

I had, for some time, thought that Jimrob had worked off his mental problems and mellowed out.  He used to collect the most odious nazists and antisemites at the site.  But no such luck.  FR seems to be in a time warp, with Jimrob hellbent on being left running his Freepathons for a hundred or so surviving Freepers.

As I said earlier: many, if not most, of the worst and craziest are now back on Freerepublic, and that’s just the ones we can see.  There used to be a sizable contingent of people who would fling death threats around like confetti – “AgAviator” comes to mind – and even some “constitutionalists” who ended up cop-killers.  So now we have Freerepublic turning into a twisted version of the Sam Francis forum with the added attraction of pushing Sarah Palin in front of them like a captive mob moll.  I think she may not appreciate the barnacles.

Anyway, Kevmo was for many years the Freeper keeping tabs on cold fusion and related fields.  Of course that sort of thing makes luddites, talibs and Gibson-style “catholics” a bit uneasy – Freerepublic has for years maintained that Harry Potter books and films are actual products of Satan, and saw the fantasy movie “The Golden Compass” as an attempt to steal their souls.

The next Freepathon is going to be … interesting ;).


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