Think of this as a Public Service announcement:  to have anything to do with Freerepublic.com you should wear a hazmat suit.  If you are a Conservative  in good standing, like Daniel Greenfield, Mark Steyn, Sarah Palin or John Semmens you might want to put as much fresh air between you and the increasing madness of the place as at all possible.

As John Semmens now is being distributed by  Conservative sites that will earn you a personal “zot” from Mr. Robinson, I suppose people are already somewhat aware.

But they really should do that airgap thing quickly.  Some, like Sarah Palin, is being tarred with the broad brush of Freerepublic “ownership” in the ritual FR frothfests.  Funny thing, since Jimrob once upon a time went on twitter for the purpose of cross-examining Palin and get her to “kiss the ring” and denounce the homos.  She didn’t answer him, and JR packed his sailor cap and skedaddled from twitter.

Hazmat suit, or shun the unclean.  That would be my advice :).


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