I see that the wheeled woohoo over at FR is bellowing “yellow”.  Maybe he took a look down his belly :).

Anyway, earlier I made sort of a crack about Freerepublic seemingly being purpose-built for moderators and owner to be able to spy on the members.  There is a rich “folklore” on FR more or less stating that everyone knows that the internal (private) mail on FR is being read by the administrators.  The crucial fact here is that while most other board software is either open-source or being cross-checked by a wide range of often politically opposed owners, no such mechanism exists for Freerepublic.   Indeed, material documenting the owners abuses quite well exist on the web, coming from the person who set up the begging operation for Robinson who at that point “didn’t even have a decent pair of shoes”.  Lots of people have poured their money into Jim, and come away literally in tatters.

This is all a bit much from someone running a perpetual beggars banquet to pay for his pool maintenance and and housing.

So. History project.  Just starting, but I’ll drop some handles.


John Deere.



Memory is a wonderful thing.  Or not ;).



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