Updating, Again…

Just a couple of points.

I notice a lot of people looking for Mesta’s medical donation page, which linked to her profile on Freerepublic.

Thing is, in his madness, Mr. Robinson has removed her original profile page, so you won’t find it.

In a while, it will be hosted either here or on Mesta’s own site.

Until then, I suggest – strongly – that you don’t give Mr. Robinson any more of your hard-earned money.  many Freepers are financially on their very last legs, and in addition to being destitute or close to it are also gravely ill.  They may think Mr. Robinson offers hope, but in fact he’s more into snake oil, with an emphasis on snake. 

That will be all.  Carry on, people.



2 responses to “Updating, Again…

  • FreeperFilth

    Since JimRob, the human filth, has cleared Mesta’s homepage on FR, you may want to restore her fundraising links on your own MestaMachine page.

    • hahyrningur

      Well, Mr. Ooga, it will be moved :). And Freepers are generally good people in the thrall of a malign cultmaster who seems to be running a board purpose-built to spy on his own adherents. That is kinda chilling, and one of the things I always disliked about him.

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