Warren Jeffs, is that you?

No, it’s not that I think Jim Robinson, the landlord of freerepublic.com, is bedding freeperettes and dictating weddings to his shrinking flock, but apart from that he reminds me strangely of Warren. Or of Barack, if you want to dawdle over to the Democrat national socialists – the aisle between the two brownshirt formations is getting so narrow that you cannot even maneuver a shopping cart these days. Even Howard Stern now realizes that the Democrats are Communists.

Anyway, I think Mr. Robinson may have flipped his lid completely. We have seen some ominous signs of this for a while now, and so the site has earned its place in our database. I’ll just put out a short description of the last month’s events here.

It started with Mesta being taken away to hospital in critical condition. Actually it started a couple weeks before that, with Robinson doing the voodoo that he do so very unwell: howling invective at me, having one of his tame hitman mods calling me “antisemite” [lol], refusing communication and locking my account so I couldn’t sign out. This is one of the Jimrob tricks; another is logging you out and locking the account so you cannot log in.

And that last one is the trick he pulled on Mesta while she was dying in hospital, while also seemingly sabotaging her Yahoo account which she depended on for her laptop to be able to communicate with the outside world.

Now, happily, Mesta is on the mend – a miracle made possible by people like Joe Hardy who has outfitted her hospital to a state-of-the-art gleaming machine able to put in some crucial artificial parts.

While this was going on, I put some money in Mesta’s account via her donation page on Freerepublic. It *seems* this may have sent Mr. Robinson into a jealous frenzy, effectively rendering her a non-person on Freerepublic. That is after she has put enough work behind Jim Robinson to actually make him a lot of money, although she hasn’t had much money to donate – although she IS one of FR’s monthly donors and have been for many years. Now she doesn’t exist on FR – and has no civilized way of revoking her donations, except for protesting them at the bank.

So here we are. And I’m not going to be nice about this. I *know* Jimrob, from before 2000. And I know where the skeletons are.

Here we go, just for starters:

Freerepublic may be a very evangelical place. But it has been connected with the sex-industry, and a bad variant at that. Vetscor, a branch of Freerepublic, is connected to a Norma Jean Almodovar, who set up a union of sorts, for sex workers. The name of this organization is/was COYOTE (Cast Off Your Tired Ethics, if I remember). She used to be an LAPD officer, but got arrested for trying to recruit fellow female officers into prostitution.

And here’s something bizarre. Freerepublic has strange links to the SPLC. One of the main Freepers worked, and probably still does, for Morris Dees of Hatewatch/SPLC, and was always on Freerepublic as a scout. And is still on Freerepublic. If the link was inadvertent or not I don’t know, but we do know that Don Black of Stormfront had his backchannels to his supposed enemies.

How many Freepers have been exposed to leftist hate/criminal groups like Southside ARA of Chicago because of this scouting I don’t know, but I have reason to believe there are some.

Hang on.

More is coming.


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