The Democrats are very busy currently. So busy that Matt Drudge is telling people that they must have an exit plan.  Drudge is Jewish, and can no doubt feel the cold draft from the Oval Office.

Item: Chuck Schumer is calling for changes in election law bringing the US formally closer to a one-party system.

Item: Barack Obama has announced his attention to, in practice, do away with congress and rule by himself.

Now, of course Schumer is the fellow who in 2008 fired the first shots against American banks when he singlehandedly caused a mini-run against IndyMac.  Far as I remember, he was supposed to be investigated by the FBI, but the thing somehow evaporated.

But one should never despair.

There are, so far unconfirmed, reports that Polar Bears are changing their diet in order to handle climate change.  Simply send the whole of the Democratic Party off on a Polar Inspection tour.  The bears will eat well for a year, the warm hysterics will disappear, and so, like by magic, will the Democrats!

And with them the cancer of fascism.


“Please to inspect my tongue. Just ate a librul. Burrpp..”


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