Oh Snap (shot)!

I note with some amusement that Coca Cola lost an unspecified number of laptops to thieves, but that they were retrieved. They did contain personal data for some 74.000 employees and business associates.


Sunny side up: there is no evidence that anything bad happened to the data.


A record of your personal data is not typically very big. Your junk (I believe) will neatly squeeze into a kilobyte or two, including your biometrics if any. With room to spare.

To clone those files onto a usb thumb drive is literally a second’s work and easily automatic with the insertion of the drive. No one, especially Inspector Plod, evidently, will be the wiser.

Why does mental retardation seem to be a job enhancement/requirement in the security biz these days? Maybe because they do not want you to have an inkling of what’s really happening.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Closing: we’re now mapping the activity of some segments that have hitherto been left mostly alone. No more.

Do give Mesta a visit. Things are touch and go, and worse, still.


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