The Star-Spanglish Banner

So, the new Obamacare website for hispanics is written in “Spanglish”. No one is really surprised; Obama’s contempt for anyone and anything not islamic/socialist is universal.

Maybe next he can have “The Star-Spangled Banner” redone in Engrish to honor his mortgage-holders?

More sort-of-notable stuff is going on: Alex Jones’ Infowars seem to have become a heavy hitter with Drudge, while Jim Robinson and FreeRepublic is a no-show.

Oh well. Drudge has a knack for getting at the real news and steering clear of the cults. Maybe Alex is getting serious as the world is unhinging.

And the world is going unhinged, of that there is no doubt. There is record sales of “Mein Kampf”, also for Kindle. And recently a new website has opened flogging a kingsize film opus about Adolf Hitler. Six hours, I’m told, but I’m not sure – I schlepped down what seemed interminable streams of weirdness and stuffed them in our lair’s base, but got bored unto death before I got to six hours. Maybe later.

Anyway, the name of the work is “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”. And but for the names involved, it could have been Obama’s Republicrats. Go figure.

The site is here:

Be warned – it talks to you and plays loud, bombastic music. And that is just a preview of the weirdly psychotic meat deeper in. It could have come from a Democrat Jummah.


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