Bubble, Bubble….

… Toil and Trouble…

Lately there has been some handwringing over the fact that China, as a major manufacturer of US military material, has seen fit to incorporate undocumented and malignant features in computer chips used by the US.

It is of course mystifying that presumably sane people export their own national-security-sensitive manufacturing base, as well as other resources, to what is for all intents and purposes a mortal enemy state.

So we see a great deal of really stupid “solutions” being proposed, chief of which seems to be bringing the manufacturing of the offending items home. That will allow Americans to work, as well as allow American security and quality control.

Now, of course, no one will do such a thing. And even if it was done, it would probably not make a difference. Let’s say you set up a chip factory in California (supposing you could get it past the taxman, the communist interest/protest groups, Nation of Islam, unions, mobsters and other American fixtures) – what do you think would keep the entire enterprise from working for China? Plenty of Natural Born Americans who have their first loyalty to China. Or to Iran. Or to Germany. Or to Zimbabwe, for that matter. And that’s a problem that goes all the way from the factory floor (to the degree Americans can be bothered to read and write or to work), to the Oval Office.

Good luck.


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