Ricocheting Bully

Or, “The Bully is a Democrat”.

Democrats do a lot of odd things.


The Democratic representative was cleaning her semi-automatic handgun inside her office when it accidentally fired and a bully ricocheted, hitting a bookshelf.

Lots of questions here. Was the other representative in the room. Jeff Greer, the ricocheting bully? Was there any books in the bookshelf, or do Democrats only read foldout pictures? If she was cleaning her gun because she didn’t like it, does she like it any better after it sent the bully ricocheting? Why didn’t she make sure the gun was free of bullies before cleaning it?

Socialists are strange.

Nowhere is that as evident as in the current Obama war against The Little Sisters of the Poor and support of the Large Sister of Blind Terror, Lynne Stewart. I suspect that Stewart once upon a time kissed a frog and expected it to turn into a prince, but it didn’t quite turn out according to program.

Oh, and some schools in the US are now teaching a Black Supremacy pledge. No diversity there, just Black Hitlerism. Sadly, the Black Supremacists are making inroads in unexpected places, including conservative ones. There’s money in them thar supremawhatsits :).


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