Bibi Brown and the football

John Kerry is playing football again, offering Jonathan Pollard to Israel in exchenge for Israeli land and blood. It is, basically, the same exchange that Bill Clinton offered, only to march triumphantly off having fooled Netanyahu into giving up Hebron to the Democrat Terror syndicate or the “palestinians”.

Of course there was no plan to free Pollard, that was always a lie – Pollard will die at American nazi hands just as Cap Weinberger – an antisemitic capo Jew always planned. Ironically dead at 88, for anyone to waterboard the truth out of him, they’d have to dig him up first. Too bad he escaped the indictment coming his way in 1992.

So it would be good for Bibi not to do the Charlie Brown at this particular football. Give up Pollard; he has already laid down his life stopping an American ally genocidal gas attack on Israel. In reality, he’s gone. There’s no way Nazi America will not kill him. Israel ought to just grab Terrorist-Kerry instead.

And hang him.

Fair exchange.


One response to “Bibi Brown and the football


    as bad as it is for Bibi to kick the football, can you imagine the pain that Jonathan Pollard feels as the “football”, because in this case the football is Charlie Brown too, so freedom for him is the football always pulled away! They promised him parole, so I fear it’s that football again!

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