Unpresidented Lands

So now mr Obama’s own “Obamacare” cannot enroll the President because there’s no way of determining his actual identity. His deflectors are blaming the Secret Service for hiding the President’s particulars, for security. Funny thing, they didn’t have to hide Ronald Reagan’d identity. But then, he was White. They didn’t have to hide Bill Clinton’s identity either, although he was the “first Black President”. You feel dumped into one of these old Donald Duck magazines with The Phantom Blot, now as President.

But I’m sure that any rumours of Nicolae Hussein Obama having sanded down his fingerprints are simply small-minded guesswork and mutterings of white asscrackers clinging to Bibles and similar subversive literature dissing headchopping prophets, pedophiles, pederasts and Camels.

The other good laugh in the news is of course A&E’s moronic wandering out in the swamp wilderness of the Duck Dynasty. Happily they were glaadly followed by that gay organization, and By Mr. Jesse Jackson, the fattest race swindler in two centuries, and hopefully the Swamp Thing will have its way with them. And not in a homoerotic manner, either. Kudos to the Robertsons, for integrity and Godliness.

Anyway, as usual swing by Mesta’s fundraiser. Things are still critical, and everything counts.


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