Dark House Marching

Not unexpectedly there are now news that the White House, the darkest place in the US – a black hole with an event horizon not letting out anything but darkness, islamist cannibalism and versailles-like eating orgies – is laying into the Jews for daring to criticize Nicolae Hussein on his atomic mullah masturbation.


Really, I think that place should be called by its right name: The Dark House. There is certainly traditional horror there and an organization that can say with Stormfront: Our Skin is Our Uniform. And of course, if you read Stormfront, and The Black Press, and Uhuru, and others of their ilk, you will find that there’s really no difference. They hate the same things and the same people. And that Obama is an islamist should be as plain as the nose on your face. There is no conflict between that and his socialist leanings, which is why his portrait has tended to be in the altar position on my antisemite “family” facebook pages for years.

Anyway, I can only hope that if Israel drops the big one on Tehran, they’ll let a few drips down on the fellow travellers. That would make my day, season and year.

Think lighted candles, folks. Big ones. It’s the season :).

Swing by Mesta’s place on the way out – it’s important.



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