Canicidal Maniacs

After the last US dog-murder by a law officer, in which he used his car to run down a dog with the excuse that it might be too close to children, I think we’re seeing a trend which is very clear, and as media-suppressed as the knockout-game.

The trend is that police will kill dogs,, and that police forces have – somehow – made canicide a high priority.

Now, police officers are perfectly able to handle dogs, even angry or aggressive dogs, with no harm to themselves or dogs. So why then is it that any dog that comes into contact with a police officer is routinely shot, or worse?

So. How many police officers, exactly, are muslims these days? Statistics seem to be sparse, but sometimes – usually in pretty close discussions – we can see some indications of conversions and other recruitment in the police. And we know that one of the Al Quaida playbook pointts is to get into positions with access to arms. And we know that muslims hate dogs as much as they hate Jews, Christians, and pretty much everything else.

And their hatred may have a bit of a foundation. Dogs, wise animals they are, seem to be a bit sceptical of the islamics. I guess they can smell raw hate.

Of course, islam and its fellow sharia travellers taking over the police is a global plague these days, we see it here in Norway as much as anywhere.

Anyway, we’ll get the answer, eventually. I’d suggest a good caning, for islamic canicidal maniacs who get caught. Should be right out of Nicolae Hussein’s home turf.

Hit Mesta’s healthcare effort on your way out. Big news afoot on the next update :).


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