One Obama, Two Osama, Twelver Obama

No one who has watched Obama’s grotesque preening dance over the last few weeks, and particularly those of us who have followed his history, is in any doubt whatsoever of what the critter is.

Obama is a twelver.

That means, of course, that he is a muslim decapitation strike, but it means more than that; Obama wants Armageddon – and that’s where he is going.

That is why Obama is Iran’s property, as is the Muslim Brotherhood and its offspring, Al Quaida. Some of those not sleeping in class may have noticed that Zalwahiri has had his main home in Iran for many a year, and so have Osama’s son who got kisses and hugs from Michelle and her whole entourage after the Boston debacle.

Anyway, O12 isn’t alone serving the mullahs and Armageddon, of course. Foul birds like Kerry, Pelosi and others are doing the handiwork of the people behind this particular display:


The creature behind this atrocity was Khamenei, if I remember right.

A natural Democrat, he would glide seamlessly into many Eurabian labor septic tanks.

The wages of appeasement are sometimes rather unpleasant.

Anyway: hit Mestamachine’s helthcare fundraiser on the way out.


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