So now we’ve had our multiculti public transport sudden jihad experience, and as usual it was paid for by innocents. If Norwegians can be said to be innocents. I note that more jihad-aligned elements, like my despicable family, did not meet the sharp end of the multiculti stick.

Also, as usual in Norway, the Police was literally nowhere in the vicinity of the homicidal muslim. There’s no problems with Norwegian police teams swarming the wheelchair (or almost wheelchair) bound, but the group seems remarkably risk-averse. And of course, moving out with a helicopter was simply not on. Better to turn up after ambulance and firecrew had nailed down the terrorist.

Oh, and of course, no one is saying “terrorist”. Other countries are indicating that the fellow had no papers, no passport, was living in Porsgrunn as an illegal alien and was connected to the “Palestinian” movement. But in Norwegian parlance, “PEOPLE cannot be illegal”. Whatever. The Norwegian State is certainly terrorist.

So, dead people. And politically correct and despicable “authorities”. No one is going to clean the country up, of course, since we’re way over the edge of the Eurabian Night.

Anyway, it’s going to be interesting to watch the spin in the coming days.

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on your way out. Her heart cannot be salvaged, but we are trying to get a pump in place while waiting for a replacement.


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