News from the Front, again

Mesta is off for some serious hospital business, and this time I’m worried she may not be back.  We’ll see.  In any case, she needs your prayers, folks, as well as any contributions you can spare.  Go to Mesta’s Fundraiser, jump over to her Freerepublic profile and drop in dollars, yen, dinars, rubles or blessings.

It is extremely aggravating that after she’s survived clashes with some of the most dangerous people on earth, she may be murdered by my own family of fishfaced Norwegian insane office rats.

Anyway, Mesta is from a group of people who gets paired off in operational  duos from the start.  A bit into her career, her partner was on assignment in Israel. She disappeared, and after a month or so she was found in the trunk of a rusted-out old car wreck in the old part of Jerusalem – ritually carved.  I actually suspect a Norwegian may have had a finger in that one, too, but I hope not.

So, a shoutout to her team from a certain op in Baghdad 2003, much later. Look. Think. Act.


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