Nicolae Hussein Obama

The Corrigan Brothers did one of those insane Obama electioneering blasphemies, claiming Barack O’bama as the archetypal Irishman.  They may be right, if they’re talking about the murdering and nazist Kennedys, but really, people.  There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’bama???

But actually, there is one recent European head of state that Mr. Obama closely resembles, and more and more with every day.  Not that Obama has mounted any campaigns to mass murder Americans – not that we know of, at least (but it’s anyones guess if it would be reported if so) – but his roiling desires are getting to the surface like a plague of boils.  When I first heard of the shooting of a woman near the White House, I wondered if it was a cabinet tiff.

Anyway, what the Corrigans should have been pumping out is “There’s no one as Romanian as barack Obama”.  The US is inching closer and closer to Nicolae’s peculiar brand of lawlessness, and his message to the people that they may feel free to call 1-800-FUCK-YO if they need healthcare is so bizarre that you’d be hard put to find similar concepts in Idi Amin’s refrigerator.

How about 1-800-HANG-US?



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