Norway and the Churches

Back in the early nineties Norway had a group of people burning down churches, often of National significance, for a period at a speed of one every week.  The group was well-defined, the identity of the conspirators was known both by the police and the intelligence services (e-tjenesten), and the group ideology was trumpeted far and wide. For a time the group was even run by the Norwegian military.

You might wonder how.  Very simple.  The group’s main communication hub was run by a person who had been called up for military service. When he got there, he was roped in by e-tjenesten and ordered to set up his hub there, and that was that.  “We control the vertical.  We control the horizontal”.

It was basically a leftwing ideology driven by rage and hatred of Christianity and Christians.  They also discussed – internally – the fact that they received arms from the national socialists. Remember what we always said: there’s no daylight between a national socialist and any other socialist.

Yet nothing happened to them. The main protagonists are still hateful antichristians doing what they always did, one of the group “movers and shakers” was only arrested after a singularly bestial murder and has been allowed to use that to bootstrap a business empire. He now seems to be active in the roleplaying milieu, which is not really a surprise.  The scene is chock full of people of his caliber, that is, rabid antisemites and leftists.

Taken as a whole, though, it seems likely that Norwegian authorities were on board with the concept of persecuting Christians in Norway.  It has paid off.  Today, the Norwegian Christians are turning antizionist and all for islamic outreach.  Norwegian leftist discussion fora (that means most of them) are very vocal that Church burnings are a good thing.

Anyway, hit Mesta’s fundraiser on the way out. Contribute. If you’re a Norwegian politician, at least six digits.


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