Since we deal with superstition here – among other things – it may be time to look at one of the most pernicioius, and still least believed, superstitions in the world.  That particular superstition is Islamophobia.  It would be correct to say that Islamophobia doesn’t exist.

Still, it has gained prominence as some other lies that muslims/socialists are using and willl continue using until they have destroyed humanity or have been defeated and are gone – like the convenient lie of Global Warming or the ZOG.

A phobia is a false or ungrounded fear.  However, islam will destroy everything else. It cannot coexist with any religion, political system or even humanity.  Let it flourish, and humanity as we know it will cease to exist.  There is no ungrounded fear of islam.  Which suits the socialists, because they think they can ally with it or control it.  The left sees industrial-scale extermination as just work-to-be-done, and we have a real-life example in Adolf Htler and Hajj Amin.  And of course the left will pull its old nonsense claiming Hitler as a “far-rightist”, which is nothing but posturing.  You look at ANY socialist or “progressive”,and you’re looking at Adolf’s sibling.  And that includes the Norwegian academics and activists who once comprised the group “Motgift”, given to counteract “Islamophobia”.  That is, they were given to further the galloping Nazism and antisemitism in Norwegian society.  Their website was a farrago of hatred pushed with a great deal of official fanfare, but I think they died down somewhat.

Anyway, control of the language is central in the war on humanity by the left and islam.  And it sometimes takes forms that are so bizarre that you wonder how anyone but a slug can fall for it, 

I said that the superstition of Islamophobia is really not very much believed, and of course that is the case.  Most people who have their full faculties know that islam has racked up an impressive kill list, thousands per year, year after millennia, hundreds of millions and still going like the energizer bunny of death, decay and perversion.  We do, though, have the progressive quislings, the fellow travellers and the cowed ones in the grips of Stockholm Syndrome.  We can feel sorry for some of them, but in the end, they will have to be dealt with just as their islamic allies.

So we’re looking at a trainwreck, which is probably not too far away.  Let’s hope humanity survives and that Mohammed’s psychosis goes the way of the Tyrannosaurus.

As usual. hit Mesta’s healthcare on the way out. 



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