Brothers in the Hood

So over at Gatewaypundit, there’s now some leakage from Egypt that Obama actually is a fully fledged Muslim Brotherhood member.

But I’m afraid the AQ President could fly the black flag at full mast on the White House, and the Western Treasonry would ask “Flag?  What flag??”, while the Kenyan and Michelle crucified Christians in the Rose Garden and tortured Teapartiers in the Oval Office.

That the US ever swallowed the camel that Obama is supposed to be a Christian really does not bode well for the nation, it suggests an IQ creeping down from three digits to two to one.

Anyway, we, like everyone else not in the grips of malignant islamic paralysis have known this for many years.

But as things unravel, the lies become untenable, and we inch closer to WWIII, it’s going to be interesting to see what other politicians and general dhimmi traitors fall off the tree.  I’m afraid that here in Norway, the state will be revealed as fully islamic and fully criminal.

As usual, hit Mesta’s fundraiser for a ping, a like, a prayer or a contribution.


One response to “Brothers in the Hood

  • gates of vienna (@GatesofVienna)

    BHO proclaimed himself a Muslim when he recited the Shahada in a speech, pretending he was merely recalling a fond memory from childhood, similar to remembering a nursery rhyme. Muslims knew very well what he was doing.

    Their Big March to Washington DC on 9/11 was a failure, but I think they changed tactics at the last moment. Knowing they couldn’t possibly match all those motorcycles coming thru, they simply folded their tents and let the Americans believe that “hardly any people showed up for the march”.

    I’m beginning to think like a taqiyya artist.

    Prayers for Mesta. A heart transplant?? omg.

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