Bluster, Fluster, Cluster

So Obama is going to get himself impeached.  But of course he’s not – he can no more be impeached than Mugabe, or Idi Amin, or any other muslim or cannibal out of darkness.

However, it IS getting difficult for him to get fellow criminals roped into his war entourage.

I’m watching two things here with interest bordering on getting myself a bowl of popcorn: The carrier USS Nimitz and group being sent to help Obama attack Syria, and Russia supplying Syria with their latest and best ship-killer missile.   Go ahead and lose a carrier, why don’t you, Mr. DownLow?

Of course, if that happens he’ll probably hold his breath until he’s even bluer, and rename the USS Ronald Reagan to the USS Osama bin Laden.  We know he wants to, and that that has been a dream in some islamist circles.

And now for something completely different, as they say.  The other day I got tidings that my exwife is taking part in the stalking project my family has been up to, which is interesting because it gives an open door in my upcoming police case against these critters.  She has not been mentioned here mainly because she’s left no written evidence (she was nimble enough to grab that, once upon a time).  The new ballgame is that there was a lot – and I mean a lot – of witnesses, none of whom are remotely capable of standing up to a hostile police questioning.

As usual, I remind you of Mesta’s fundraiser.  Prayers are much needed, and even if you don’t contribute, a like or a prayer is invaluable.


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