Wintersoldier Outgassings

John Kerry is out there making a spectacle of himself, again.  It wasn’t enough with his murder of a Vietnamese prisoner or his Purple Heart earned by a grain of flying rice in the butt (mark well that it didn’t hit his nose even if it’s bigger than a Saudi’s).

So we should take everything this administration says not just with a grain of salt but with the whole pack, and remember extra iodine.  This is the administration who has, in years past, planned to exterminate 30 million Americans who could not be “re-educated”, and the Secstate who was part of a group planning to mass-slaughter Republican congressmen, in their own offices.  And Kerry’s professional throatslitter, Camil, had the background for it.

So now we’re facing a desperate flurry of activity to get a war going, and to get Israel embroiled in it is obviously a top priority.  This admin has tried, since the Al Quaida President was installed, to get military action against Netanyahu, even at the price of WWIII.  Meanwhile, we’re looking at an administration heavier into assassinations and political domestic murders than Bill Clinton, and that IS saying something.

Question: What did Hastings know, and was it about Petraeus?  We know who Petraeus belongs to, and where and when he sold himself.  Risky Bidens in those circles.

Anyone who has followed events over the last few days know where the chemicals now used in Syria came from, and anyone following AQ up close knows who requested that “Assad be the next domino” – AQ central, with Zalwahiri in front.  Which brought Obama running like you’d offered him a new golf course with no Whites.  Two days, I think it took.

So maybe we’ll see the nukes flying after all.  If so, I hope they blow DC off the map, and I could list some EU cloaca that could do with a nuclear enema as well.

Anyway, so much for that. Mesta is, as I’ve mentioned before, off soon for another hospital stay, and we ask that you go to her fundraiser and drop some stuff in there (there is only the GoFundMe and the Paypal, but I’m sure we can arrange for Bitcoin and other means such as bars of gold as well.  Things are critical, so we’re not fussy.  Prayer is also extremely welcome.


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