I see that Rachel Suissa of the Norwegian Center against Antisemitism is questioning what will happen in the upcoming Norwegian round of elections.  She points out that the “Israel card” – demonising Israel – still is an important component of the campaigns.

Well, color me paranoid. But we have seen that the Norwegians – DNA, or the Norwegian Antisemite Party – follows hater-in-chief Obama like they’re tied at the hip.  And that “Obama’s people” now are on wild murder sprees killing anything white that moves, also foreign visitors.  Australia has mentioned boycotting the US.  Australia is still clinging to its delusions of “evil guns”, however, which is kind of rich coming from the regime that actually killed the real-life model for the movie hit “Crocodile Dundee” in order to confiscate his guns.

In any case, going back to the last time the Norwegian left was losing ground, we know what happened: not much different from what happens in the US when the left feels threatened.

Keep your eyes open, folks.

Short update on Mesta: she’s off for another hospital stay in the coming week, and it’s likely to be a long and painful one.  The doctors are extremely good, though, none of those Obamacare loony tunes. Only trusted people.  Prayers are welcome, as always.


One response to “Elections

  • mestamachine

    So how many Israeli Jews are raping every Norwegian woman in sight in good old Oslo? Israel has the power to turn Norway into a cinder,,,but the whole world knows Israel would never do such a thing, Let Norway try their damn taunts and insults against their muslim brothers and see how long it takes before all of Norway pays the price,

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