Silver Screen

Well, that’s where this will end up, it seems. I tried to warn my “family” where their jewhatred was taking them, but their only response was hissing and howling balls of hatred, which we will eventually publish. Oh well. I hope it will cost the Norwegian State, and their Stasi Beta a billion dollars. Depends a bit on box office, I suppose, but you should never underestimate the power of education.

Wendy is telling me script is looking good. (Wendy is a Hollywood producer with background from the Sopranos and Six Feet under, she’s known Mestamachine and me since year 1999 or a lttle bit earlier, stuff that in your, sis, and smoke it. I think we’ll just get Rosie Odie to play you. Or maybe not, although she’ll probably come cheap these days

As usual, I’ll just remind you of Mesta’s fundraiser, and also that Free Republic needs you too. You know where to go :).


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