Hater in Chief


The truth is out at last. Not only is the President an empty suit, he’s an empty black skin.


After a jury had done its work in the Trayvon Martin case, the President wasted no time in claiming that if Martin had been white, things would have been different.


No shit, Sherlock.   


In Norway, the socialist/fascist press (that means all of it) is claiming to ”know” that America is upset by the verdict.  Which is as unsurprising as their initial stunned low key – your average Norwegian generally only stands up to piss on a Jew, or to teabag a muslim.  We have many non-average Norwegians, and thank God for that. If they only could be be running the country, we might stand a chance in the coming years.


There seems to be a voter groundswell which will force the GOP to drop its socialist pandering. But the time for it is probably past – the GOP is dead, and will be replaced with whatever Palin, Cruz and a few others will build.


Meanwhile, there’s an empty skin in an empty suit.  Hanging on an empty chair.


As usual, we request that you hit Mesta’s fundraiser here




to help save her from what Norway did.  Also, jump on to the Free Republic forum and help watch against the rising storm. The laborites hate Jim Robinson as much as they hated Winston Churchill, and for the same reason.


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