Ich Bin Kein Norweger

Somewhat inversing that famous statement by the Democrats patron saint, JFK, who so scandalously turned out to be an admirer of Adolf Hitler and an incompetent PT fuhrer to boot. No, not ”Das Boot”. That’s another Boot.


But I digress. I do that.


I just did an experiment.  I went to an old forum for the Norwegian shooters and posted a link to the story of the Norwegian police jumping me.  The forum in question is old and established, I’ve been there since 2009 and if I remember I signed up because it had members I knew, like Vidar Nakling.


Among all the other subforums on there, it has one for ”weapons in society”. It is given to politics and stuff like labour demanding bans, should gun laws be more liberal… you get the picture.  You can see it here, if you read norwegian (and even if you don’t):





The link to this blog lived for roughly fifteen minutes before it was pulled for being political.


So I guess that answers the test.


But, about JFK.  Since we are kicking a dead meth horse.


The Democrats of the Mattel universe have been trying to make him into a science fiction saviour of Earth, the liaison between Humanity and The Transformers.  You see, the real purpose of America going to the Moon was to hook up with the first Transformer ship which hid a treasure – the ”allspark” or the Transformer life force – on the Moon’s back side.


This has, of course, been the secret reason for America’s greatness. The Democrats have saved the world from the Decepticons.  It may also be the reason for the Democrats obsession with Backsides.


Liberal college education in the US being what it is, there’s probably 30% of the US population who actually believe this.  Along with Islamic Superheroes and Kung Fu Pandas.

And as before – hit this:


and help one of USA’s most significant specops people defeat original Quislingdom.


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