The Fallen Police


Of course you have all read about what happened to me at the hands of the Norwegian Police, when I was raided and all my guns taken away.  For those of you who have not, it is here:


Now, the guns were out of their safe, being photographed, because they were supposed to be sold to benefit my partner’s health needs. Sorry I just didn’t think, or there would heve been a detailed photo/film gallery of the intrepid raiding party.


The upshot of all this hoopla with me being fingered by my daughter and sister with my brother in some sort of declared support role was that the Police was supposed to help me auction these chunks of iron off. Turned out that one of our ”police jurists” wanted to indict me for being ”careless”, but the deal was supposed to be a small fine offset by the auction.  All this was word of mouth, naturally, and if it’s one thing the last few years should have thought me it is that a Norwegian’s word is worth about as much as the word of their patron, Obama.


So the fine was humongous (to me, anyway), and more importantly, the weapons not sold but confiscated for the benefit of the State. I also lost some civil rights, a loss which in our current setting may be something of a compliment.


Now, that set me thinking a bit.  As in the whole quo bono thing.  Gather round, children, and sharpen your pencils and your ears, because there are things I haven’t told you.


First. Six months, roughly, before the raid, I got a request from my sister for handguns. She wanted me to arm one of her foster kid brats.  And it wasn’t the first time this woman had tried for an access to guns, although never before in writing.


Second, and this may actually be of some interest for all of you activists and legal  eagles out there: I was told a very interesting story by one of the weapons chiefs in Telemark years ago. It concerned something called the ”Collector Mafia”, sometimes just the Gun Mafia.  In short, there was supposed to exist a network of people who watched for what he called ”juicy confiscations” containing items of value, which this network would then distribute among themselves and their friends. The name of my informant was the same as that of a very famous Norwegian speed skater :).


So, have our current Police force fallen back on old and bad habits from the nineteen forties and their ”band of thieves” past?  Who knows?  I suspect we’ll come to find out.

You know where Mesta’s healthraiser is, here:

I’d hit it. The Norwegian State wants to murder her. Don’t let them.




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