Now it can be told

Actually, it always could, because it’s not exactly classified. Not as such.

I give you what got Norman ASA’s foot in the proverbial door, intel-wise, from the Canadian Justice Department to the Norwegian Justice Department. A few years later a corrupt and antisemite Norman ASA when presented with an asset to rival Angleton (and I’m not kidding) responded with “MOSSAAAAAD” and “Get the JEW”. Now, of course, Norman is mud, and my wile “family” thinks I’m threatening them, and my police report on these buggers IS coming along. I’m just having problems moving, what with wounds and all.

Anyway, the truth was always far worse than the Mooosad criers feared, of course. There are far cooler agencies than Mossad.

And Mesta’s brothers-in-arms have been fully in the loop at all times.

Anyway: Hit Mestamachine’s fundraiser on your way out. And consider JimRob at FR too.

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