Trayvon and the Norwegian National Spirit(s)

Well, George Zimmerman is Not Guilty.  And not only has the “creepy ass cracker” been found not guilty, but the jury made reasonably short work despite the racialist hoopla from the “department of Justice”, the strange chorus of multicolored folks who don’t read cursive, and threats from Gay Black Panthers bedecked with shotguns and illegal assault magazines borrowed from their mentor Zarqawi.  President Obama, the Bearded Lady of the Muslim Brotherhood is reportedly pondering hatecrimes and is wondering how people can demand that Zimmerman have a right to “stand his ground”, when he is patently flat on his back.

Here in Norway, the media seemed somewhat subdued, which isn’t all that surprising when we remember that the Norwegian National couple can no longer be said to be anything like Ola&Kari, but the much more politically (and sexually) correct Vidkun&Mohammed. Or Mohammed&Vidkun.  And of course there should be no brakes on the poly-amory, so Henry Oliver is probably in by default ;).

So anyway, the US press is being sued, not just for bad and neglectful coverage, but out and out lying in the State racial war on the people.  You  don’t get much more of a clear civil war setting than America has aquired with the Obama AQ Presidency, a stunt that makes Pearl Harbor look like a Halloween Prank.

We’re sort of getting tired of being right all the time, and a decade ahead. For example, the newest revelations of Microsoft plugging in NSA was relayed by me, from Mesta, to Arthur Olavsen back before 2001; he responded by muttering that she was obviously mad. But who the hell cares. Norman seems to have really pulled up stakes and skedaddled. Sort of.  Which I would have done, too.

But here’s another prediction. Holocaust II is coming down the pike, like an express train. It will leave the world with Obama having a legacy making Hitler look like some kid in short pants with a chocolate-moustache. And there will, naturally, be another Nuremberg. Only this time, no one willl be let off with a slap on the wrist.

Now, pass the popcorn.

Oh, and don’t forget to hit Mestamachines fundraiser. Medical costs are still high – she may have to go off to a new Hospital this week, thankfully one with doctors who know her from her service life and have patched every inch of her before. And drop by Free Republic, too. The way that place is run is uniquue and irreplaceable.  Today, for example, I had reason to check Breitbart’s Big Journalsm, and was immediately jumped by Big Advertizing – which means Big Propaganda.  Here in Norway, that means “press” pumping DNA (Det Norske Antisemittparti).


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