Strange object found in a bottle

Well, it was on the internet, which is almost as good as any number of bottles and a beach to boot.  And of course most Norwegian politics have the character of coming out of a bottle anyhow.

I was looking for Scandinavian reactions to Fjordman, the Norwegian who is a National Treasure in that he actually has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. I’ve seen quite a lot of reactions from the assorted and depraved porridge of statisti we have been blessed with here in “utbygda”.  From “Let Fjordman have his award (Fritt Ord); that will make it easier for us to render him harmless”, to “Fjordman wants to destroy the country we have Come to Love”.  Hint: a Norwegian who has “come to love” Norway was something else than a Norwegian in the first place, no?  The point is that the Norwegian State, and to some degree all of Europe, is turning to the mentality of that old and hairy institution, the police state.  With traditional helpings of antisemitism.  There is a Norwegian Police jurist, for example, who used to be an islamic missionary.  While being a Police jurist, if I’m not completely misinformed, he ran a “Think tank” helped by a convicted islamic terrorist who is also regularly employed by the Norwegian State.  But now our Police jurist fellow seems to be one of our Diplomats to India.  Strange objects on this beach, but then Norwegian beaches are mostly rocky rubble.

Anyways.  Meet the Scandinavian Authority on Fjordman:

This gentleman is Swedish and fairly representative.  I’d be surprised if Labour hasn’t already sent out some Party feelers. Maybe “Minister of Knowledge”?

AnyAnyways (AAW):

Since mocking hypocrite Norwegians is fun and easy, with all the “antiracism” that is really just reverseracism:  I see that the US under the leadership of Obama now has something called NABJ, or the “National Association of Black Journalists”.  But we still have the White Papers!

“A white paper is an authoritative report or guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision”

Wikidiots, mount your horses. Or donkeys. Or maybe even camels ;).




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