Limping along in Black & White

Bet you mouthbreathers thought this was a racist post. Lol.

No, actually, it’s much worse than that.  The B&W thing is just that my monitor has suffered a minor stroke. Lightning, as it were, and it’s being replaced on Monday.

Given that absolutely ALL assumptions about privacy on the net has been proven complete garbage, does anyone think that any version of PGP, GPGP, any public key service or any strong encryption service is uncompromised?  That includes police-state fingers in your banking,  foreign and domestic connections and innermost thoughts.  In Norway, for example, surveillance criteria includes that you may be “thinking about deciding  something”, which is sort of out-Clintoning ol’ BillyJeff himself.  As an old Norwegian Social “Democrat”, Odvar Nordli described himself: he was so Red, he made Stalin look dull. But I digress. Can’t see any Red on this monitor.

I knew about a few backdoors already back in the very early nineties.  Now it seems that the whole internet is so compromised that any backdoors are irrelevant. Forget about closing barn doors; the barn is gone, the cows are gone, and only the black leather (or cheap Skai) coats remain.

So what, exactly, do we do about Herr Flick?

Class. Discuss.



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