That message to America…

Our stupid and incompetent western society is having its collective heads explode. As usual.

The media is making a bit of a fuss over Al Quaida’s “message” that anyone can now bomb things.  Hello, captain obvious.  This has only been true for more years than anyone can shake a stick at, at least without getting tired.

So the media is talking about the message, in semi-hushed tones.  Governments are trying to keep the message from reaching its targets and choking file distributors in silly ways.  At least they’re silly when establishment services like are serving Al Quaida.

And Obama is trying to claim that AQ is dead.  Personally, I think Obama is playing  Al Quaida-possum.  And a lot of the Eurabian establishment is hanging on him, still.  It won’t last, probably.  The stench of criminality is getting hard to hide.

Anyway. Front page of Inspire 11.  We were going to put their filmed message on here, but it’s really stupid and badly done.  Not really worth it. Pull my finger ir you really want it.



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