As I’ve said before, I sometimes get hysterical stuff from my family on here, which I generally do not answer. However, one of the recent ones required a bit of checking and it actually deserves a bit of response, for due diligence if nothing else.  It was a sort of barrage from my daughter, Vigdis Aaland, in the form of several claims.

Claim one: She no longer works for the Social Security system, and I knew that.

– Not exactly. I have in my archives seven emails from my daughter and three from her mother, and none have to do with a new workplace.

Claim two: I’m threatening her colleagues (who she refuses to reveal).

– No. My daughter will face the music for her antisemite antics though, by the police. The police is capable (I think) of running down her associates.

Claim three_ I’m telling lies about the family.

– No. Everything on here is documented up, down and crosswise with more documents in place. Things that are not doubly documented (and there are some very interesting ones) are not here.

Personal note to our PST folks – I promised in our meeting to flag interesting things. You obviously have not managed to keep the Stalinists and Jihadists in our system at bay, but FWIW: keep an eye on this close family of mine. It may be a live one.



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