News from the front VI

Mesta has been through a rather grueling ordeal, as many of you know, and I’m afraid it’s not really finished yet. She now, on top of all else, got a poisonous edema in her legs – a phenomenon that I’m all too familiar with, and I believe Jim Robinson is too. Unchecked, it will have you in excruciating pain, potential gangrene, or even have your limbs off.

Luckily, she caught what seems to be the culprit in the list of medications given out by a new “Obamacare?” medic, a product so dangerous that patient pre-knowledge should make it impossible to prescribe.

This brings us to another point where Norway and the fascist America of Obama seem to be converging.

A few years ago, knowledge of medicines was actually forbidden in socialist Norway, it was reserved for medical personnel. This, of course, was before the internet became a global reference resource. Medications were listed in a common catalog (paper) and given to medics, nurses and pharmacists once a year.  The discarded copies were hot commodities, but technically forbidden. Shades of the Soviet Union, where telephone books were reserved for “the nomenklatura”.

For all the outward things that have changed, Norway is still the same – just as when Einar Gerhardsen was telling how he spellbound the Soviet leadership by drinking water while they thought it was vodka. And listeners to the Norwegian State broacasts ate it up like he was JesusMao, or maybe CatDog. We have distilled ignorance and evil here, and then added islam for flavor.

Anyway, on to the fundraising. Mesta is very grateful for what we have raised, and so am I. I see the thing is still ticking over, which is very good indeed because the heavy lifting ain’t over yet.  I’ll hang two of the donation bins on here:

Not much in the way of pretty graphics, but the links work.

I’m also tacking on a link to Free Republic which is a bit of Mesta’s history, really, which will probably be new to some of you folks.



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