In view of what just happened in the US, a little refresher on the Chechen jihad may be useful.

This is one of the Checnen forces own videos from a 2004 attack on a small village, by the Chechen rebels and Arabs in Chechnya. That would be Al Quaida, in case you wondered.  Al Quaida has been an integral part of Chechnya almost forever, and that means Saudi Arabia.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, it also means Iran.

Think Saudi Arabia is fighting Iran and Al Quaida? Think again, suckers.

Anyway, the village under attack is Avtury, the MO is tried and true (box everyone in, kill them, take whatever of value you find and go away).  The US administration did precisely that with hundreds of thousand Bostonians during the event, minus the killing part. But Posse Commitatus is no more. Ratcheting up.

Avtury. Somewhere in the archives, we should have similar footage on the Moscov Opera siege.


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