Curiouser and Curiouser


Strange things happen in Norwegian Public Administration.  A while ago, I shot off a message to my daughter, the leftist in the Social Security Administration, and inquired as to who her boss is.  I had been told by the local administration of that organ where to escalate what will amount to quite serious charges, and her boss is wanted.

 She refused to answer.

 So then I spoke to the NAV central administration.  Weirdness ensued.  They couldn’t find her. Neither my daughter, nor her boss.

 The solution seems to be that she’s working for a county that is such a flyspeck that searching NAV’s overhead directories simply leave no result, and also that NAV may have a policy of not publicly displaying civil servants, at least not those engaged in dubious activity or under a shadow.

It doesn’t really matter.  We’ll simply turn over that county, rock by rock.  With any dirt attached :).  A little investigative journalism is good for you.

Not that I don’t know where to find her boss, of course, now that I know exactly where to look.  A couple of calls to that local exchange  will take care of things, but curiosity has the better of me. I need a close look at these folks.  And while this may seem like a ”family spat”, with admittedly bizarre and serious actions from what seems like a concerted group of Jewhaters, it opens some very serious questions of exactly what kind of abuses our political and public administration is up to.


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