The Left and False Flags

Going back to 2001 for a moment, the islamic war on the rest of the world killed almost 3000 people on 9.11, and it is – from evidence shown here:

at least a possibility that Mr. Obama had foreknowledge of the attacks.  The attacks were certainly planned in great detail a long time in advance, many of the perpetrators were living in the west, even in the USA, and there have been other signs that the plan was not really all that secret – and that members of the American intelligence community that came too close to the preparations have been punished.  That goes even for some senators backing those intelligence efforts, like senator Curt Weldon.

What also happened immediately after the 9.11 attacks was the birth of the ”troofer” movement.  It originated from a very specific point, a ”progressive” site in France, and it was obviously orhestrated and coordinated with the islamic movement, the national socialists, the black power folks, the big-Libertarians and generally every rabble-rouser faction on the planet – and it very quickly spread to span the planet.  Claims such as ”The Jews were flying the planes into the towers using remote-control”, or that the towers were really blown up by pre-placed explosives, or that the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane but by a ground skimming missile that had to have been bigger than an Atlas rocket in size became reality for the whole socialist world, among them members of the Obama administration like the communist Van Jones.

So in later  years, the islamic war effort has controlled the narrative to the point where they’re routinely and openly bragging about their nineteen martyrs (or heroes, or ”grooms”), to the point of being nauseating, and at the same time claiming innocence and complaining about being misrepresented.  Of course, they’e not misrepresented.  There really is an islamic/socialist war on humanity, and it was started by arguably the first genocidal ideologue in history, Muhammad. The ideology of the end justifying the means – any means – has remained unchanged through the centuries, and regardless if the ideologue du jour calls himself muslim, socialist, marxist-leninist, stalinist, maoist, national socialist, anarchist, third position, EU-supporter or any of a number of other  class and race warfare artists.

Result: we now have a narrative being sort of brought over into the ludicrous, with the politically correct intelligence agencies – and even reputable OSINT operators – working with a focus on the ”far right”.  Yet, from the official NCTC data from 2011 (and this report seems to be gone from the NCTC site but we do have it, of course), the casualties being ”credited” to rightwing attacks for that year are 77, which is, in short, only the Breivik event.  But it serves as a trigger to focus on the right (that is, the non-socialist and non-jihadist), and removes attention from the socialist and islamic deaths of that year, which number roughly 11.000, all told.  That is a very, very successful control of the information war, and a very successful prosecution of a genocidal and relentless war.

Now, since the Breivik event is obviosly key to much of what the left and the islamics have been doing after 2010, let’s just have a little look at him.  The conventional wisdom, of course, is that Breivik is a rightwinger and a ”friend of Israel”, or even “controlled by Israel” according to Johann Galtung.  But from reading his manifesto, you soon find out that the plumage is kind of different.  This is not your everyday ”Norwegian Blue”, and certainly no friend of Israel.  One place he despairs over USA’s ”Jewish Problem”, and in other statements he describes himself as ”Christian Identity”.  If you know anything about extremist politics, you’ll know that Christian Identity is the identification of Ku Klux Klan, and that the Klan is not rightwingers, as the ignorance-peddlers on the left would like you to believe, but that it is in fact the radical, or military, wing of the Democratic Party.  Funny thing that none of the ”analysts” on the left manage to catch these things, but still use hundreds of man-hours to try and find geocaching points in Breivik’s manifesto.

The obvious question, when looking at the leftist/islamic/antisemite obsession with ”false flags” and misrepresentation, is: were the Oslo attacks a false-flag, mounted by progressive powers with a vested ”antizionism-interest”?  And will we ever know?  Here’s a tip: If Breivik has a change of heart in prison, begs forgiveness,  apologizes to Mullah Krekar and starts a ”rehabilitation” process, you probably have your answer.


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