Old and Novel

As I said before, we’ll drop the virus authoring info of Norman ASA’s peeps out here, but we’ll not spread code to the winds. So apart from the stuff being available to at least sane people in the business, what we’ll do is some descriptions, in drips and drabs. It may be interesting.

Some of you will remember the Norman NVC.SYS, the Norman Behaviour Blocker. That thing was actually fabulously effective, I don’t think there has ever been anything quite like it. Of more than 3000 viruses I tested against it, I think no more than three or four got through. As so much else “Norwegian”, it was actually done by foreigners – from Malaysia.

This is one that did beat NVC.SYS. No wonder Norman wanted the author.

;Link In virus 1.1 – by Brainwave
;No real destructive routines are built in. Resident.
;Infects COM files on execute.
;Assemble with TASM /m3 and TLINK /t

;This virus links into the terminate statement of the target program.
;(INT 21 func 4Ch).

And yes, Brainwave is the Norman senior fellow.


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