Here We Go Again

Not computer viruses this time, but the real deal.

If you all remember SARS, the coronavirus that scared the bejeepers out of the entire world a few short years back, you’ll remember it was what is called a coronavirus, a novel one. Which is really a variant of the common cold. It looked to be even more infectious and persistent, and quite deadly.

There were outbreaks in Canada, and quarantines, and what looked like deliberate breaks of the quarantines done by health personnel. But after some time (and a real heroic effort at containment), containment was what they got. To me, it always looked like a weapons trial. But there’s lots more detail; I’m just typing from memory here.

Now it looks like more rounds. Early days yet, and it’s probably not exactly the same thing. But it involves Saudi Arabia, one of the great poison blenders of the world. But the spread may be from other parts of the ME, or even from the UK.

Interesting times.


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