Norwegian High Strangeness II

I said I’d show how Norman ASA dealt with crime in the ranks.  Here’s an example of crime:

Another executable script decoder

This time for Quick Batch Compiler from Abyss Media.
This is in many ways similar to AutoIt, except here we are talking about real BAT language. This thing is also used in quite a few malwares.
Attached is a decompiler that I’ve sorta cracked to not care whether the script is password protected (doesnt matter what you enter in the password dialog); so internal use only.



A software security company isn’t really supposed to go hammer and tongs at other companies software.  But some companies do not like to have limitations.

So how did the company wiggle out from under?  By claiming that the EULA on the decompiler site didn’t actually forbid anyone to crack their software.  And if that isn’t cute, and representative for a sleazebucket firm, I don’t know what is.

Now for consequences.

My fiance, the war hero (and no, you don’t get detail now) went down a few hours ago, is in hospital, and her status is extremely grave from the look of things.  So my subhuman family may have killed their Jew, as the muslims are fond of triumphantly declaring.  In that context, I’d like to know if my “daughter” actually has converted to islam, or if it’s just the socialism.


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