Having now established that Norman’s lead boy is one of the virusers in the international scene, we present to you the greetings page from one of the magazines of the virus writer group VLAD, magazine issue ¤3.

Anyway, some of the main actors in the scene are here, comments are in blue.  Anyone can verify this particular information, except for my comments, by grabbing the magaziine (if you know where) and read.



Just remember, this list of greets is in no order of importance

whatsoever and if I’ve forgotten you.. tough shit :). Can’t

remember everything now can I. If you want to annoy me about that

you know my email address.

gregor : heh thanks for the help

fury : boy do those velcro gloves come in handy!

vrt : you’re here!

cursor : you’ll get your collection back 🙂

babelfish : hope to see you around soon..

grayarea : how about you dcc this to everyone 🙂 hehe

dark slayer : good to see you on IRC 😛

kain : blah!! happy? 🙂

csa : b3h0ld3r is whatching me

the unforgiven : +.* rules hehe

euclid : waiting for new revelations

talon : massdeop roqs right?

falcon : can you email me??   (Falc is from LA)

tiphoid mary : salut mon ami

ncl93dev : anything for my friend 😉

levski : zdravey hehe

aardvark : greetz

irons : 8) 8) 8) :I

mr. twister : waiting for that tape! 😉

emperor : BeLGiuM iS iN Da HouSe

jumper : we did talk a while back..

halflife : calm down with that op status now heh

data ruckus : nice try with the ascii 🙂

police brutality : greets, thanks for inet! heh

ajax : ain’t shit.. heh

qwik : tempest r0qt 😦

radio boy : haven’t been on for a while

quantum : stop whining heh (This is the boy behind VMWARE)

daver : tmok is great 🙂

donduck : son of a duck!  (And here’s the coming Norman)

memory lapse : number one chief rockah

bphile : yeah you know who’s boss 🙂

kalvin : hope the dist gets you more callers! heh

ferris : you unban the wrong ppl heh

slash wu : hi there!

coaxial karma : where you been man?

dark angel : nice to see you on irc

pryme : hit the vx scene hard man 🙂

neuron : nice touches to the mag..

omega : hope #3 gets to ya

evil avatar : disappeared?

priest : publicity is bad (yeeeeah)  (Another fellow who was hired for Norman by David Stang. When the outside found out, Stang was let go.

stormbringer : nice to see ya around

garbage heap : we win we win we win ehehe

aladar : *.hu!! routed 😉

a-e : full of knowledge as usual heh

zerial : get a real account!!

xalopp : maybe next oktoberfest

shockwave : zzzzZZzzzZz

tik tak : er.. keep h/ping I guess heh

dreadlord : can’t wait to see vlad#4

ripmax : have to catch up with ya 1time

crypt keeper : er.. keep scripting? hehe

lookout man : long time no see

disorder : w3rd again

screaming radish : no hard feelings man..

thor : sup

firststrike : have email will travel

moon : pommy bastard!

mfm : gimme access on ya bot 🙂




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