Klomsæt Case:Pertaining to the Police choices of trust

Back again about the Klomsæt case and the police’s choices of trust.

The lack of competence at our State level really is pathetic.  Of course, there was a time when I would have trusted Norman too, but at least I have learned from experience.  And there was a time i’d have trusted the police, but I’m still sort of soaking up experience.

But enough grumbling.  I said that the Norman senior guy was hanging out with the virus writers and hackers already when he was a vivisectionist at UIB.  UIB really seems to be a regular communist/criminal poison-pot, that’s where my rather toxic daughter got her programming too.

Now.  This is a log from 1995. Mfysf in the first line is the Bergen vivisectionist, later of Norman ASA.  This is just very short, these logs actually run to dozens or even hundreds of pages.

You are DonDuck!mfysf@alf.uib.no. Your levels are:
*** Signoff: pawz (Leaving)
=mfm-ii= — User -+- Shit -+- Protect —
=mfm-ii=      50  |     0  |        0
-> *mfm-ii* ls
=mfm-ii= -rw-r–r–    64663 20:20:11 Feb 03 1995 anon-identd.tgz
=mfm-ii= -rw-r–r–     6108 20:17:02 Feb 03 1995 lurk.doc
=mfm-ii= -rw-r–r–   162165 19:56:02 Oct 31 1994 vcl.zip
*** DCC chat:<any> to mfm-ii closed
-MFM-II- Closing DCC CHAT[chat]-connection
<DonDuck> I’m off. Later all.
*** Users on #virus: @MFM @MFM-II @qark @kain G-SLiP @j @DonDuck @LamerBot
*** Signoff: DonDuck (Leaving)
IRC log ended Mon Feb  6 18:42
IRC log started Tue Feb  7 20:19
*** Logging to irc.log is now ON 
*** Mode change “+o MFM-II” on channel #virus by LamerBot
*** Mode change “+o DonDuck” on channel #virus by LamerBot
*** MFM (blue@hofors.kuai.se) has joined channel #virus
*** Mode change “+o MFM” on channel #virus by MFM-II
<DonDuck> Hmmm. Yes. Have you made any well known viruses? 🙂
<MFM> how?
<MFM> who?
*** Users on #virus: @MFM @LamerBot Jergus @DonDuck @MFM-II
<DonDuck> Just talking with Jergus…
*** Jergus is prank@skynet.dcs.elf.stuba.sk (Jergus Lapin)
*** on channels: #virus
*** on irc via server uni-linz.ac.at ([] Johannes Kepler University Linz, Aust)
<Jergus> you surely know One Half ….
<DonDuck> Yes I surely do. You wrote it? Cool.
<Jergus> do you know any other .sk virus ?
*** Signon by kdkd [anahka@lod.amaranth.com] detected
<DonDuck> There are the Slovakias, and there is even another virus called Skynet 🙂
<DonDuck> Don’t know if Skynet is Slovakian, though.
*** Netsplit at 20:27:06 (eff.org irc.colorado.edu)
*** Signoff by LamerBot detected
*** Signoff by kdkd detected
<Jergus> oh yeh – there are many Slovakias, i don’t know Skynet.
<DonDuck> Just mentioned it ’cause you’re on skynet.
<MFM> donduck : did omega get his vlad-3 ?
<DonDuck> Yes.
<MFM> DonDUck : ok.. have you read it ?
*** Signoff by kd detected
<DonDuck> Yes, well some. Haven’t got the time yet to read all.
<MFM> you got greetings anyway 🙂
<DonDuck> So did you…
<MFM> i saw that.. last on the list 🙂
<Jergus> ok, sorry – not much time so i must leave now ….
<DonDuck> Ok, See you Jergus.
*** LamerBot (bradleym@netcom17.netcom.com) has joined channel #virus
*** Signon by LamerBot [bradleym@netcom17.netcom.com] detected
*** Mode change “+o LamerBot” on channel #virus by MFM-II
<Jergus> see you
<MFM> i think i should try some new vlad-viruses on my school.. hehe
*** A previous DCC CHAT to lamerbot exists
*** Signoff: Jergus (Leaving)
<DonDuck> I wonder if that direct port thing works… don’t want to test though.
<MFM> i can test it on my school.. hehe
<DonDuck> Yes, do do do do…hehehe.
<MFM> i will.. they fucking deserve it..
<DonDuck> Don’t be so sure that it works. The bios meningitis didn’t work…
<MFM> i made a little fuck-hd routine for a local bbs who’s sysop messed with me and tried it on the schools computer… it took them 4 days to get it to even boot from a disk!! haha
<DonDuck> Hehehe…
*** Signon by FH [hrocha@groucho.gsb.columbia.edu] detected
<DonDuck> Wiped the cmos too?
<MFM> yeah.. and the partition table…
*** MFM is blue@hofors.kuai.se (John Fogelvik)
*** on channels: #antivirus @#virus
*** on irc via server irc.ludd.luth.se (Top of the world server)
*** Users on #antivirus: MFM @Hermanni @AVBot
*** Users on #virus: @LamerBot @MFM @DonDuck @MFM-II
-> *lamerbot* ls
*** DCC CHAT already requested by LamerBot, connecting…
*** DCC CHAT connection with LamerBot[,1978] established
-LamerBot- Please type: /dcc chat LamerBot
* MFM is updating his own virusdetector with the new Vlad-Stuff
*** Signoff by FH detected
<DonDuck> MFM: You have your own virusdetector?
*** A previous DCC CHAT to lamerbot exists
*** DCC CHAT connection to LamerBot lost
-LamerBot- Closing DCC CHAT[chat]-connection
*** No DCC chat:<any> to lamerbot found
<MFM> Duck: yeah..
*** Sent DCC CHAT request to lamerbot
*** DCC chat connection to lamerbot[,2006] established
-> *lamerbot* ls
=lamerbot= -rw-r–r–     4982 02:29:07 Nov 22 1994 00index.txt
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 13:54:39 Feb 03 1995 AV/
=lamerbot= -rw-r–r–     2817 04:03:08 Jul 12 1994 KOH.README
=lamerbot= -rw-r–r–      782 16:49:19 Nov 27 1994 NNTP-servers
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 00:12:17 Feb 01 1995 Zines/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 10:17:57 Jan 20 1995 btf/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 21:45:18 Jan 18 1995 hack/
=lamerbot= drwx–x–x     4096 19:09:24 Oct 26 1994 hidden/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 03:40:35 Feb 07 1995 incoming/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 02:28:09 Nov 22 1994 irc/
=lamerbot= -rw-r–r–    17416 13:41:27 Jun 26 1994 koh-doc.zip
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 03:07:12 Jan 30 1995 misc-v/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 14:03:36 Feb 04 1995 more-virus/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 14:13:30 Jan 19 1995 more_hack/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 23:59:57 Jan 09 1995 pgp/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 08:30:31 Feb 07 1995 pgp2/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 22:28:38 Jan 18 1995 phallic/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 20:10:43 Oct 27 1994 phreak/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 04:43:10 Dec 14 1994 see/
=lamerbot= drwxr-xr-x     4096 02:19:01 Dec 31 1994 virus-source/
-> *lamerbot* cd incoming
=lamerbot= Current working directory: /incoming
-> *lamerbot* ls
=lamerbot= -rw-r–r–     478


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