Norway: Projections of the Socialist going on Stalinist


This is an amusing little story, and it is true.  Very far back though, must have been in 1988 or 89.  Name witheld to protect the guilty, her name is H M, she was at that point a climber in the Socialist-Left Party and fairly close to Erik Solheim, arguably one of the greater cretins in Norwegian ”politics”, a fellow who managed to get himself snared by the IRS in a bizarre affair where his excuse was basically ”I’m just a politician.  I can’t be expected to know about those tax things”.


One of my colleagues was a hopeless far-leftist, and a hopeless gun-hater.  So one Sunday I decided to invite her to the range and let her have a go at the actual stuff that goes bang .


So we set out bright and sort of early, as I recall, nailed up a bunch of targets – nothing fancy – just paper plates on a stick – checked that the range was clear, and had at it.  That is, she had.  She didn’t really like the nine (too much jump) but was in absolute delight with the .22.  And she wasn’t a half-bad shot either.  Soo far, so good.  I thought.  Score one for rational thinking.


And on the way home, I asked if she had any new insights on guns.  Well, yes.  It was even clearer now that they had to be banned.  I was a bit flabberghasted and asked why.


”The Power, man.  Haven’t you felt the power???  Why, with that thing I could force people to do what  I want. Or even kill them.  The power from even that .22 was amazing.  No one should hold that sort of power”.  She went on a great deal, and it mostly had to do with overpowering people, enslaving them, or killing them.  And it all came down to what she would do, if she had guns.


So now we have a regime that is Socialist going on Stalinist, not just the loonytune wannabes anymore.


Meanwhile, our ”Special Branch” (PST) is trying to keep the tatters together and keep the ”tranguility in the Realm” by exhorting people to keep their trap shut.  I’m afraid it’s not working.


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